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FaceTag as a facial recognition company, has a cutting edge Artificial Intelligence technology. We intend to become the world best Artificial Intelligence company leading the industry through continuous upgrades and innovations. Our ultimate business goal is to make human life more convenient and enriching with our technology. We hope our technology plays a role as a compass helping us more focus on what’s worth in the future.

Why FaceTag?

Best Accuracy

Currently our facial recognition is incredibly accurate and its performance is constantly improving.

Best AI Algorithm

Our facial recognition algorithms show the best performance only with a small amount of training data.


If you want 100% accuracy of recognition rate in your company, we can customize it for you.

Our Technologies

Continuously Creating Daring Digital Solutions

Realtime facial authentication

Authentication using real-time face detection, landmarks, and comparisons

Accuracy (98.9% or more)

Accurate facial recognition regardless of race

Optimization algorithm

Fast learning and high recognition rate using optimal algorithm

Accurate Distinguishment of similar faces

Minimize false acceptance rate (FAR) by engine optimization

Fast and comfortable

Our facial authentication technology doesn't make you wait


If your company is special and you want 100% recognition in any environment, we can customize our engine at any time

Facetag's various facial related technologies

We are always developing exciting facial recognition technologies.

Face LandMark

Face LandMark

Face Tag
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Gender classification

Face Tag
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Face Segmentation & Glasses Classification

Face Tag
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